THE Gfc School


Based within Priestfield Stadium, the location of our school is of paramount importance to the learning needs of our students.


Our Ethos

At The GFC School we aim to provide:

  • A safe and nurturing environment for all our students
  • An excellent education with state of the art facilities and a curriculum tailored to meet the individual needs of our students
  • A unique and stimulating educational environment within Gillingham Football Club at Priestfield Stadium, in which motivation can thrive
  • A fun, caring and well-disciplined place to learn and develop
  • An environment in which through working as a team, we can provide learning opportunities enabling everyone to achieve their full potential
  • An alternative provision for students who feel more comfortable studying in an environment combining sport and learning
  • An educational provision where the involvement of parents and carers, and other stakeholders, is welcomed and encouraged

At The GFC School we promote the importance of the 3 R’s:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience



We provide a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum, which facilitates students to advance their academic, social and moral skills in line with their potential. Students will be encouraged to enhance their confidence in their own abilities, to think independently, and to work with others whilst taking pride in their achievements in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
As a small and caring school we encourage all young people to achieve new academic heights and self-belief. Developing skills and characteristics is also a priority to enable our students to adapt an ever-changing and diverse society.

One-to-one counselling sessions will be offered to our students to minimise the barriers to learning that they often display, and interventions for assistance with specific learning difficulties will also be on-going within the classroom situation and one-to-one sessions, all individualised to meet the young person’s needs.

The expectation for the student once enrolled will be that they will have access to all services available. We aim to maximise potential and to enable the individual to achieve accredited qualifications, as a well-rounded individual equipped for their place in the community and world of work or Further Education.

We also believe in and promote a behaviour management scheme that constantly rewards effort, achievement and improved behaviour. These rewards will be personalised to the individual and to incentivise each student. The school firmly believes that this consistent approach will encourage students to accept responsibility for their own decisions and actions, in both the medium and longer term.



Our school is a specialist educational centre for students aged between 11 to 16 years who have or are experiencing significant barriers to learning, or who cannot access mainstream education for whatever reason. Several have been identified by their mainstream provision as being at risk of permanent exclusion, whilst some students have already been permanently excluded.

Based within Priestfield Stadium, the location of our school is of paramount importance to the learning needs of our students. As a small school we  pride  ourselves  on getting to know the students and catering for their individual needs both academically and personally.

All students who attend our school will be provided with a safe, stimulating, and challenging learning environment, and will be valued as an individual within a structured and supportive environment for students who find education and social situations a challenge.

A Word

From The Chairman

For many years, sport, and in particular football, has been fundamental in assisting our children in their schools with their educational development, addressing and assisting issues such as character well-being, social awareness, responsibility, leadership and physical fitness, and indeed the success stories are numerous.

-Paul Scally



We believe that students are most successful when their parents or carers support the school in its aims and discipline. In working together, we believe we can support our students safely, happily and successfully through one of the most important periods in life.

All school staff will work to achieve a positive cohesion between the home, school and the community where appropriate. School staff will encourage parents and carers to become actively involved in the learning process of their child, to enable a fostering for a positive partnership in which professional and home supports are complementary.

As well as being part of a successful Football Club, our school has developed links with mainstream schools and colleges and with other community resources, such as the local CXK, leisure and outward bound centres and other outside agencies that enhance the curriculum.


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